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The Metchosin Foundation is a non-political charitable organization registered under the Canada Revenue Agency.  It has been created to:

  • Encourage and support the rural nature of Metchosin,
  • Support and maintain a harmonious community, and
  • Preserve and safeguard Metchosin’s unique ecosystems, flora, and fauna for the benefit of all Canadians.
Photo by T.J. Watt

If you would like to support initiatives to protect and conserve the natural environment and rural character of Metchosin, consider becoming a member of The Metchosin Foundation, make a donation, and/or include the Metchosin Foundation in your Estate Planning.  

2016 AGM

Metchosin Foundation President Chris Pratt welcomed Canadian journalist, environmental activist and former host of CBC’s All Points West radio program JoAnn Roberts as the feature speaker at their eighth Annual General Meeting last May 29 at St. Mary’s Church. Her speech titled If Not Now, When? was backed by an excellent power point presentation and ranged from the need to act on global climate change issues to steps that can be taken Canadians and by local communities to address the need for change. 

President Chris Pratt recapped the year’s achievements, highlighting the success of the April Biodiversity weekend that attracted over 100 people to the teaching shelter, walks and displays in Witty’s Lagoon. Now in the sixth year of its biodiversity work, Metchosin hosts the 2nd longest-running BioBlitz in BC. This annual combination of public celebration and scientific research by taxonomy experts has yielded a database of over 2300 species – second in BC only to Whistler. Targeted BioBlitzes this spring at Matheson Lake, the Albert Head DND property, and William Head Institution added about 120 new species, including one extremely rare find, Juncus kelloggii, known only (in Canada) from Uplands Park.

Biodiversity Day Team with (l-r) new directors Mike Fischer and Jacqueline Clare, forest ecologist Andy MacKinnon, Vice-Chair Joel Ussery, CRD Parks employee, and Kem Luther, director.

Pratt noted that combining community education and awareness with good science fits well within the Metchosin Foundation mandate of Healthy Lands, Healthy Waters and a Healthy, Caring Community. Preservation and stewardship of Metchosin ecology is also strengthened by the monthly Walk and Talk sessions featuring speakers on key ecological subjects.

The foundation and Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) continue to work together to establish nature covenants on lands that are ecologically intact and unique to this region. Lands that straddle the Metchosin-Langford border on Humpback Road are the focus of work currently, and it is hoped that good news on this project will be announced this fall.  

It appears that potential may exist for a partnership between the Metchosin Foundation and HAT to establish voluntary covenants on environmentally sensitive shorelines. Via our website and through other means, the foundation is seeking interest from landowners who may wish to establish shoreline covenants. 

Pratt also drew attention to the Valerie Cochrane Memorial Fund that was established in her honour by her husband Charles Priester to assist Pearson College students faced with family crises to fly home. It is modelled after a similar fund operating from McGill University in Montreal and is being managed by the Metchosin Foundation. Already two students have been able to address their family crises in person due to that fund’s existence. Typically, these loans are repaid generously when the student is able.

In March, foundation directors convened a meeting to review the formation, constitution, past and current activities of the Foundation to help plan projects and future directions.  Many great ideas came forward and will form the basis for the work of the incoming board. 

Vice-president Joel Ussery thanked Chris Pratt and Dan MacIsaac who have generously served their eight-year terms with distinction and thus  were stepping down from the Board. In thanks for their service, each was presented with potted blue-eyed grass-like (Sisyrinchium idahoense), native to Metchosin, although not common here. Pratt was further surprised when a birthday cake with his name on it was wheeled out and the enthusiastic audience sang Happy Birthday.

The slate of new directors was at that point proposed and elected.  Incoming President Carol Carman, Treasurer Joel Ussery and Secretary Kem Luther are veterans of the Metchosin Foundation board.  Three brand new board members were unanimously elected and welcomed: 

  • Jacqueline Clare, geographer with a background in ecology, cartography, GIS, and data management
  • Mike Fischer, engineer with expertise in energy systems, energy efficiency, and software development for climate change research, as well as small scale farmer
  • Beverly Hall, environmental scientist, instructor and photographer

The new board invites members of the public to come forward with ideas and suggestions for the future.  The annual membership fee for membership in the Society remains set at $10.00.  

Charity BN/Registration # 81576 1556 RR0001

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